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Dexcon 2006: Part III

Alrighty, I really have to put this sucker to bed before I can procrastinate any more with it. By the last day of the con, sleep deprivation had proceeded to a point where you get the impression that hallucination and profound delusions are right around the corner. There was also a good sense of relief that it was almost over and finally I could get to bed afterwards.

So sunday morning had me running late. I only have to travel like 15 minutes or so to get to the con, but by the time I had pried myself out of bed, I would only make it to the Alhambra finals by the skin of my teeth. I even ended up using the valet parking option just to give myself an extra 5 minutes or so once I got to the hotel. This might not seem like a very big step, but I'm cheap as hell when it comes to paying extra for things like that. I think it might actually be the first time in my life that I've ever payed for valet parking when there were other options avaliable. Anyway, I digress. Suffice to say that I got to the game before it started and then spent the next hour and change trying to make my brain work.

There's a good chunk of backstory when it comes to the finals that I'll need to go through so that you can have a framework for understanding the shitfest to come. Basically, I had won the alhambra event at dreamation around 6 months ago or so. The benefit for that was a buy into the final round of alhambra at dexcon and a free pass to the convention. The latter was unnecessary since I was going to be running games for the BG staff but the former was a nice little bonus and meant I didn't have to slog through the 2 qualifying rounds.

Remember when I said earlier that they had managed to lose/misplace/misfile my member packet envelope with my badge when I tried to check in? Well, that also meant that the schedule which included the note on the finals buy was also AWOL. Before the second round began, I had approached Big Board Linda (You'll see a picture below) and asked that she check the notes from dreamation to confirm that things were on the up and up. She had taken the name/address of all the winners for the various events at that point and entered it into a master spreadsheet. I figured that she could just verify my info in case anyone else had a problem with it. Due to logistical snafus she said it would take some time for her to find the info and that it hold up the qualifier. I decided to simply play in the second round anyway, figuring I would either qualify again or fail and when linda got the info just get my buy into the final round. The game ended with a third place finish, not enough to advance, and when I checked with linda she said the info was just inretrievable for some unknown reason and just to show up for the finals.

Fast forward to the finals and that's where the problems started. It was a final table of 5 people and included both Kath and Bill. None of us three won the game, but that's when the dispute started. Let me say, first of all, that I was playing slower than I normally would have. I had to take a good chunk of extra time at the end to try to puzzle out where my last three tiles would fit into the alhambra and my brain wasn't exactly firing on all cylinders after 4 days of profound sleep deprivation. From my perspective, the game ended with another person placing 1st with around a 15 point lead, and I was second having edged out Kath and Bill who tied for third. When Kath was entering the placements on the scoring sheet however, she entered herself and bill as having tied for second. When I tried to correct her about it, she basically unloaded a deluge of vitriolic crap that frankly, still pisses me off when I think about it. She first tells me that I shouldn't have been in the final round anyway since I didn't finish in the top two in the second qualifier. This despite the fact that I had informed the table of the conundrum with the records at the time. Second, she starts bitching about how I shouldn't even have played in the second qualifier if I had a buy, because I was in effect 'stealing' a qualifying slot from another person if I had placed.

The latter argument was simply full of shit. If I had qualified again, then whoever had come in third would have simply advanced because I wouldn't have needed it. As for the former, I thought at the time, and still believe, it was the best way to handle things. If I had qualified anyway, then Linda wouldn't have had to go through and do the records search. If I didn't, then we could search through and confirm the buy. Kath went on to toss things out about how I didn't really care who won anyway so I shouldn't be complaining. Did I really want to grub up another trophy and assorted other crap. I tried to figure out after the fact what everyone else remembered about the order of placement but got a lot of 'don't remember' and 'didn't pay attention'. I guess it's possible that I somehow misconstrued the score and reversed it somehow, but her comments after the fact make me believe it was intentional.

Alright. None of you probaly wanted to hear about that drama, but it really cheesed me off at the time and I'm still not happy about it. What's a LJ for if not to complain about things that piss you off, right? Fine, fine. Back to the normal recap and the pictures.

I did end up picking up three of those trophy whozits througout the course of the con. One for Hex-Hex, one for Wooly Bully, and one for Gloom. Better than last year if for no other reason than I really liked two of the games I ended up winning. In case you were curious, Wooly Bully is odd man out on that list.

After the Alhambra game, I spent some time chatting with Paul from NECA and he had a surprise for me. I went with him to fetch it from the car and here's a picture of me snuggling it. It might be the best thing I've ever received when it comes to a gaming collectable. There's a picture below.

Joyce, Madelaine, Sharon, and Lori. This was right before the setup for the last game of the con, a traditional match of apples to apples.

Woo, trophies.

There's Big Board Linda and John.

Lori looking pensive.

Lori, Randy, and Michelle. I'm not sure what in the world Randy's doing there. It's a pretty good 'what the fuck?' expression.

Apparently someone dosen't like having her picture taken.

Here's all the stuff (read: crap) I brought back from the prize table. I have been collecting points for a year now and I traded everything in this time around. There was nothing really spectacular there and I basically snatched up anything that looked even remotely like a boardgame.

And here's my precious. An uncut sheet of nightmare before christmas CCG foils. I'm definitely going to go and get this thing framed. It's fantastic.
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