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The anticipation is half the fun

The nice thing about missing Sci-fi fridays and the new episodes of stargate SG1 and Atlantis is that I can snag them up pretty quickly from bittorrent and then watch them at my leisure. Being able to replay scenes and the like is pretty spiffy, not to mention there is that anticipation factor to boot.

It's been a pretty eventful weekend overall. Friday was movie night at Randy's place. It was basically monsoon season around here and it took around 70 minutes to make a trip that should have taken 30 at best. The bills both made it up as did Matt and Joyce. Earlier in the day I had gone to the Ragshop to price framing for my cardsheets and while there noticed a bin of pink pretty princess pillows. I certainly couldn't have passed up an oppertunity like that so I picked one up for randy. My favorite part is that it was labeled on the receipt as a 'pink boyfriend pillow'. He's already said that he's going to bring it to cons with him.

As for the movie night itself, we ended up watching Iron Monkey and Best in Show. The latter still has me sort of scratching my head. I know it's supposed to be a mockumentary and whatnot, but what was the freaking point? I just couldn't get past the question of 'Why?' the entire movie and of course the ending failed to provide some nugget of purpose. It seemed like just a montage of people with issues.

Saturday was gameday at the Panera which was spiffy. I brought along Descent but it was too daunting to actually try to run it there. I did however find that two of my red spider figures have broken from the bases. I'll need to write to fantasy flight and get some replacements.

Lastly, earlier today was a DnD session. Matt and Joyce joined up for the session, though I'm not sure if they're going to be in it perm or not. On the plus side, my character has finished all the requirements for arcane trickster at 7th level and we're trucking along pretty good.

Hopefully I'll find a block of time to recap the last day of dexcon pictures sometime tommorrow. For now, I'm just going to watch my stargate goodness and then truck on to bed.
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