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Life is (not) good

Well, it looks like it's time for another one of those stretches where pain becomes a big issue and all the other assorted problems. Everything seems to come in waves and I must be riding the crest at the moment. Not much to do about it, but I'm hoping that it gets better within the next week or so. I really don't like to think about the complications it adds to the trip. Sleep schedule is disrupted all to hell and in addition to pain in general, everything just seems to ache lately. Wonderful.

There is always a plus side though, and currently that silver lining is taken up by Days of Wonder. I had been trying to get through to them to become one of their Game Guides after chatting with Matt Lee about it at Lunacon back in March or so. A few deadends and a personal pitch from Matt later, and I'm in like Flynn. Spiffy. It's going to work out great since the meetup gamers love DoW games to begin with, and since Matt moved to Conneticut, I can sort of take over for him on the convention circuit around here. They're already sending me a couple DoW games I don't have and backups of others. That should be pretty well received the next time a game day rolls around.

Other than that I've replaced the games that I had stolen from playroom and all that's left is to reassemble the monster KB deck. I'm also trying desperately not to think about the god awful horror of packing that will be required for the trip to gencon. At the moment, I'm thinking about trucking an empty suitcase along with me just for the crap and swag I'm likely to pick up there. The closer it gets, the more the logistics of the whole thing just give me a headache.
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