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Oh the drama

I ran across a couple of sites earlier that I'm finding to be incredibly amusing.

The first is the Encyclopeida Dramatica and the second is LJdrama.

The former is almost like a web-focused urban dictionary of sorts and both purport to track the drama. In there you will find stories of people faking their deaths, pretending to be wiccan, hippie, vegan, bull dykes, getting webcam strippers to put shoes on their heads, etc. Basically, just the sort of insanity that churns around the net every single instant of every day but that you never hear about because you're not crazy.

On a sidenote, I found something incredibly disturbing on the encyclopedia dramatica. Haunting even. Of course, when you see something truly disturbing and sexually graphic to boot, you immediately feel the need to share the horror with other people. Understanding that some people out there don't have that little voice in their heads that says 'Hmmm, a little peek couldn't hurt' when the subject of something disturbing is brought up, I'm going to suggest that those individuals do not click here. Again, just to put emphasis on it: Do not click the link if you are 1) Easily disturbed 2) Feel the need to complain to me when you click on something I told you that you probaly shouldn't. Frankly, the thing reminds me of Nightmare on Elm Street when you see Freddy's body and it's all the souls of the children contorting and forming gaping mouths through his flesh. Freaked.

My God. I feel like horrible gnashy-teethed worms are rooting around inside my brain after going through those two sites. It's like when people talk about things man was not meant to know. It was definitely a mistake to download the eelgirl videos and click on furries.
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