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Knowing is half the battle

So it looks like I'm finally getting in track when it comes to getting ready for gencon. I've just gotten a notice that my surprise has touched down in chicago and is all ready to go. I haven't seen it yet, but just knowing that it's where it's supposed to be is making me quite happy. On top of that I've just spent a few minutes printing out copies of all the maps and notes and whatever I'll be needing. Copies of the flight itinerary, car rental agreement, hotel reservation, etc.

I've also finally sorted out, to the degree possible, all of the true dungeon tickets among the number of people who want one. On a sidenote, I still have more than a couple avaliable if anyone is interested in them. The ones I have left are for:

1 for Thursday 5:00-7:00
1 for Thursday 5:24-7:24
2 for Saturday 5:00-7:00

I'm almost certain that mock26 has more floating around that he hasn't dealt with yet, but those are the ones that I've purchased. It's not too late to jump on in jirel.
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