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Locked and loaded

It was tourney day again at Little Shop of Comics for Nightmare Before Christmas. For the first time in probaly half a year, I had a new deck to try out and it went pretty sweet. All in all, I ended up placing in second and I was able to get a pretty good feel for how the deck would work in competition. I think my chances are at least good enough that maybe I should try to make room for the constructed tourney at gencon.

There are now only 5 and a half days before I end up leaving for 'gencon'. I'll be spending around 5 days prior in the area with friends and then on down to the con. As everything gets closer I keep thinking that I should just ditch events and call it quits on some things. If I threw over NASCRAG, it would open up a hella lot of time. That and after nzknight bailed (Traitor! Traitor!) and with the lackluster response from two other team members, I dunno how well it would actually go anyway. Throwing yourself into the random team assortment means that sometimes you get the bear, but more often you get mauled to death. I learned that once again this time at origins with the amorpheous blob game. I figure that perhaps I can do at least the first round and see how that goes and if the new team meshes. If not, it means that I'll all of a sudden have like 8 hours of free time on saturday.

On a sidenote, blackrider23 has given his acknowledgement that the 'surprise' for gencon violates no known rules, regulations, customs, provisos, laws of man, nor God. This was, however, not without some hesitation. I haven't had a chance to catch him online to hash out the details but I figure I'll get a chance to do that at some point. I'll also have to touch base with you jirel about it at some point.

So lets see, what's left? Well, I need to swing by Borders and pick up my copy of Terry Goodkind's new book. I've really been looking forward to that sucker. I also made a large paperback order from Barnes and Noble which should allow me to fill gaps and finally finish off Glen Cook's Black Company series among other things. I picked up Stephen Donaldson's Runes of the Earth from the discount bin and I'm really anticipating cracking that open. It's a return to the Thomas Covenant series, and that set of books was very important to me. It set the foundation for a lot of the things I believe when it comes to human nature, guilt, forgiveness, etc. Besides, how often do you have a hero-protagonist of a fantasy novel where within the first hundred pages he's off raping innocent girls who are trying to help him. It's certainly a twist.
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