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The hardest working 'surprise' in convention history

It's the middle of the night and I should be in bed. Instead, believe it or not, I'm awake and doing freaking arts and crafts.

I was thinking about the 'surprise' for gencon and I figured out one more use I could get out of it in addition to the two I already have planned. This one revolved around true dungeon and treasure tokens. A while back I had thought of some interesting ways to perhaps get rid of my common tokens to some degree. Earlier tonight, I flashed upon those give a penny, take a penny whozits they have at 7-11. A bit of additional thought, and my gencon 'surprise' is going to become the little match girl of sorts.

Here's the token box I just made:

Ta da! Impressed? Well, even if you're not, I'm sorta proud of myself. This sort of making crap is not usually my cup of tea and it came out pretty good. It's basically just a normal cardboard box. I've added some string so that it can be worn around the 'neck' and then sheathed the whole thing in duct tape. I was thinking of just using a brown paper bag or something but while I couldn't find a bag, there was tape at hand. The circular TD seal is actually a coaster I picked up in the tavern a couple years ago. I found it accidently while digging through some stuff tonight and I thought it looked pretty spiffy stuck on there.

Right now I have all of my common tokens dumped in there. I'll have to decide how much to seed the thing with and I'm curious at what will be in there when I crack it open at the end of the con.

Made it a bit better. Stuck a couple of tokens onto the box and drew a circle and line through the fishing stick figure.
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