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Last day before go time

I think I'm pretty much all set. All of my clothes and whozits fit snuggly into the smaller suitcase and the larger one will hold my game binders and whatnot. After playing some suitcase tetris, it seems that I couldn't bring the NBC cards even if I wanted to. There's just not enough room for everything to fit. Two big binders by themselves would take up almost all the room in the case and leave no room for the assorted swag and crap I'm certain to drag back with me. As it is, the only thing in the large case right now is the True Dungeon tokens binder, the d20 tokens small binder, and the token box.

BTW, I feel like I should make some sort of general apology for those who are sick to death of reading obnoxious packing entries. I know that I don't care for them when I find them in other people's journals, and certainly not when they occur day after day after day. The fact is, I've got nothing else all that interesting to ramble on about and the trip is where almost all my attention is focused right now.

Oh, well, I'm also still watching Dead like me. I got both seasons and I'm around a third of the way through season 2. There should be another 450 minutes worth of episodes left so it's unlikely I'll finish it up before the flight tommorrow morning.
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