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Wings, wings, yum-yum-yum

Just went out with candierain and jstad to a bar for some wings. Not only were they good but they were also kinda unusual. I've never seen where people push all the meat to one end of the bone so the other end is like a little handle of sorts. It's a great idea and I think someone should patent it.

Other than that, there hasn't been much of interest going on today. Tommorrow I'll be heading out to lunch with mock26 and some other friends and then tommorrow night is the Boardgame Meetup here in Chicago. The latter should be interesting because I was an integral part of the group way back when and I'm curious to see how it's gotten along in the interim. That and it makes for a nice meeting place for a bunch of us to get together and chitchat and play the few card games I brought along.
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