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Almost there

Last day in chicago. Just got back from having lunch with mock26, Melissa, and DTB from the gencon forums. All that's left on the schedule now is the boardgame meetup tonight and then if everything goes right, I'll be treking on to gencon in the morning. Mock and Melissa inform me that I might end up deciding not to head down there with Richard after all. They both refer to his van as the puke-mobile. Apparently a drunken girlfriend hurled in it a while back and despite attempts to clean it, it's still pretty rank. Regardless of whether I go with Richard or Mock and Melissa, the cutout will have to head down there with Richard due to size. It's hard to transport a 6' tall box in anything other than a van.

Anyway, I think I'm going to head up to the room and take a nap before the event. I'm already going to be a bit sleep deprived going into gencon which is never a good thing. Anything I can do to mitigate it will probaly save me a lot of headaches and pain in the long run.
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