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Back again

Finally arrived home a couple hours ago and I'm just too pooped to pop. It's only been 10 days since I left but it feels like half a lifetime has passed. Overall, the adventures in chicago and gencon were both a huge success. I have craploads of pictures like usual and I'll be putting up recaps at some point. The cardboard cutout absolutely killed them in the asiles btw. It was also pretty gratifying to have so many people come up and tell me that it was one of the greatest things they had seen at the con. I had complete strangers coming up to me and asking for hugs even. Of course, the cutout ended up getting more play than I did, but that's a seperate story. Suffice to say that I'm back and that there's over a week's worth of sleep I need to catch up on. Step lively you scurvey dogs. Daddy's home.
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