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Chicago Trip Day 1

Welp, surprisingly enough, I'm awake and the thought of starting the recap bonanza dosen't fill me with dread and horror. I'll wager dollars to donuts that will change almost immediately but we might as well give it a whirl and see what happens. It's even possible that I decide to do a marathon session and finish off the chicago pictures all in one sitting, meaning I could actually begin the gencon recap in a timely fashion.'s possible.

Anyway, our story begins with an early morning flight into chicago a couple of friday's ago. I had decided to take an early morning flight to leave more time for fun and mayhem. What I had not consisted at the time however was that while I was due to arrive at midway airport around 9am local time, I had made a booboo with my rental car agreement which said I wasn't supposed to start until 12. I was a bit concerned about the prospect of having to wait for 3 hours at the airport but figured there wasn't nothing I could do about it other than play it by ear.

The flight was moderately unpleasant. It was one of those situations where I ended up checking my watch for the time every 30 seconds for so and trying till use the force of my will alone to twist the space-time continuum. In short, it was the SuXXoR. There was nothing about the plane or crew itself that was the problem but I was having some discomfort and pain management issues that made it quite an unpleasant trip all around.

Upon arriving at the airport and collecting my bags, I was greeted with an unbelievable line at the Hertz rent-a-car counter. This thing stretched for a length of at least 25 or 30 individuals and it took each person around 10 minutes to complete their transaction. I had plenty of time as I stood there to mutter obsenities to myself and wish death upon the slow SoBs in line ahead of me. JUST TAKE ANY FUCKING CAR, ASSHOLE! I think it was around 9:15 or so when I stepped into the line and I had the misfortune of spending around a hour of my life there.

When I got to the front, I was stymied by the fact that they couldn't find an economy car to fit what I had requested. Fearing that this meant I would have to stick around for another hour and a half waiting until my contract's official start time, I agreed to pay around $7 more a day to get a better car. My sister has since told me that I was a fool for paying what should have come complementary. All I can say about that is I would have made a deal with the devil himself to have gotten the hell out of that airport by then.

So this is what I ended up driving around chicago for the next 6 days or so. I have to say that it was pretty farging sweet. It's also apparently very hard to get 'Born to be wild' out of your head as you're zipping around in a Mustang. My only fear was that I would somehow wreck the damn thing and end up paying through the teeth for it. I managed to put one of my suitcases into the truck and wedged the other into the front seat and I was off.

The hotel I was staying at was pretty nice while also being pretty cheap. I think I payed around 45-50 dollars a night after booking it on priceline which isn't bad considering the average price of hotels in the area. It was also very close to the airport and a major highway so commuting around wasn't a problem. I ended up lying around in the room relaxing for most of the afternoon, turning down an offer to venture forth to Navy Pier to see the Tall Ships. Frankly, it had no interest for me and compared to the comfort of lying in an airconditioned room and watching crap on tv, it didn't have a chance. I also made a ton of phone calls to touch base with various people and try to plan the rest of the trip.

Later that night I met up with mock26, Melissa, and "The Finns" (pionki and her husband) who were staying with John for the week at Heaven on Seven for some nice Cajan food. Everything was pretty spiffy but nothing all that exciting except for the fact that pionki ended up getting some platter of food piled so high it was easily larger than her head. Some interesting chatting and catching up was had and while going to a movie afterwards had been discussed, it was decided to pass on the whole thing. Besides, mock26 was likely to have need of a bathroom close at hand in the near future as he consumed one of their signature dishes there, the "hot as a mutha".

So that's pretty much how day 1 ended. On a sidenote, I do have to say that the parking costs suck rocks for michigan ave. Paying $20 for around 2 hours of parking isn't just high, it's obscene.
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