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Satanic Cat Watch: Day 1268

Kittens Thrown Into Hot Frying Pan

Kittens Burned From Hot Oil, Recovering

POSTED: 10:28 am EDT August 14, 2006

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Five kittens thrown into a pan of frying pork chops were recovering at an animal shelter Monday and the man accused of scalding them was awaiting a court appearance.

The kittens, about six or seven weeks old, were injured in a city apartment Saturday when a visitor threw them into a pan with hot cooking oil, authorities said.

The kittens suffered slightly burned skin and are expected to recover

"This is probably one of the worst cases of animal cruelty I've seen in my 26 years on the job," said Charles Loubert Sr., an animal control officer. "It's very sad, because there is no reason to do this to a helpless kitten."

Police said they were anticipating charging the suspect, whose identity was not immediately disclosed, Tuesday with animal cruelty.

The abuse occurred Saturday afternoon when a resident of the apartment left the kitchen, where he was cooking at the stove.

"The (visitor) started taking his clothes off, took two kittens, put them in the frying pan with the hot oil and pork chops and began swishing them around," Loubert said. "Then he threw one kitten on the floor and he took the other one and wiped it off on the wall. Then he put three more kittens into the frying pan."

Man, this just ticks me off. How far will the demonic feline hoards and their lawyers go to persecute innocent people to advance their nefarious causes? This was obviously just a case of someone trying to cook himself a meal before it got blown all out of proportion. There are many people out there who like a little fried kitten with their pork chops. That dosen't make them monsters no matter how much the pro-cat lobby might want to make it so. The whole frying things while partially undressed idea dosen't seem to be a good idea, but maybe he was in a rush and trying to cook while changing into other clothes.

Also, has anyone stopped to consider that maybe he's just cantonese? They'll eat anything. Stop oppressing my people you ethnocentric wankers!
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