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Chicago Trip Day 3-4

Organizing things online leaves a lot to be desired. You can never be sure if the people who need to respond are going to do so in a prompt amount of time and plans often fall through at the last minute. That was the lesson learned when we tried to get the game day going at bellatoes's place. Things didn't quite work out that way.

So the last I had heard before leaving for chicago was that sunday would be spiffy and all set up. This changed when I got a phone call sunday morning from bellatoes saying that she was no longer going to be avaliable and had to fly to new york for some buisness deal instead. She said that there was a chance she would get back tuesday night and we could get together then and that she would call me regardless to let me know about the situation. Needless to say, despite many phone calls, I was unable to reach her. I love bellatoes to death, but she's flakier than a cereal factory. We're still not sure after all this time what happened to her last year when I visited and she failed to show for the dinner out she organized.

Anyway, it was time for last minute patch works and after a round of the telephone game, it was decided we would just meet up at jstad and candierain's place and order up a couple of pizzas. It wasn't like we were anticipating a huge crowd. Some other people had to bail and mock26 was going to be busy with the Finns until late.

Upon arrival I was attacked by the goofy-looking yet wildly ferocious raw fish monster. I tried to get multiple unblurry pictures but it's sorta hard when the target is hopping up and down like a pogo stick. The little ankle biter was pretty adorable with its huge bug eyes and the fact her tongue kept hanging out the side of her mouth.

I had been the last to arrive and after we got there we sat around for a bit waiting for the menagere to calm down. I had brought along a variety of short and easy card games though had passed on Killer Bunnies since bellatoes had a copy. We obviously didn't give that a whirl but everyone seemed to enjoy what I did have and it's always fun to learn new games IMO.

Here's candierain with a piece of beef jerky that looks like a battle axe. I figured that must be a good omen of some sort. Too bad it didn't look like jesus or we could have sold the damn thing on ebay and recouped the costs of my trip.

So the first game we played was one that I had brought along ecspecially for jstad called Lets Kill. It's basically the stick-figure serial killer game. You play victims to various locations or out onto the streets if no location is avaliable and then horribly murder them with weapons such as the can of whoop ass or the cheese grater. Everyone has the oppertunity to play surprises under various victims so despite the fact that you think you're stalking a high value target, you might have just tried to kill God instead.

The game seemed to be a big hit and I think ended up with Cindy (beef) taking the win by the smallest margin. Here she is with some of her Lets Kill cards all ready for more mayhem.

In addition to Lets Kill we also tried Hex-Hex (which I frankly love to death) and something else which slips my mind at the moment. I'll come back and do a spot edit when my memory starts cooporating. On a sidenote, I picked up expansion Hex-Hex-Next at gencon so I'm really looking forward to the chance to bring that bad boy out and cause some backstabbing mayhem with it.

Here's another shot of jstad and candierain pondering their cards during the game. We snafed down a few slices of pizza each and before we knew it, it was time to be heading off home. I told them about the possibility of a tuesday event at bellatoes's place, but I think we all knew that it would be up in the air until the last minute.

The next day was one of do-nothing lay-out tranquility for me for hte most part. I sat around the hotel room and tried to catch up on my sleep with limited success. We were supposed to head out to a bar for wings that night (jstad, candierain, and sewtipsy) but the later had work scheduling issues. I managed to chat with her a bit over the phone and it turns out that while work had been boring and unbusy for almost the entire summer, it just happened that now, during the trip, she was swaped with private parties and the like. Boo-urns. It was still a fun night though meeting up with jstad and candierain again. We got to have some really great wings (and did I mention that whole meat pushed up to the end so the bone was like a little handle thing? GENIUS!) and chatted about various things including the fact that they're both nuts and believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories.

After that it was basically back to the hotel and resting up for my last day in the city.
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