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Chicago Trip Day 5

Welp, to no one's real surprise, despitea ton of calls to bellatoes, I wasn't able to get ahold of her to schedule a last hurrah. On the plus side, my last full day in chicago was packed with pre-gencon planning, corndogs, and a boardgame meetup.

For my last day in chicago, I was scheduled to meet up with mock26 and Melissa for lunch. I was also told that dtb from the gencon forums might be joining us. At this point the whole cutout fiasco was raging full steam ahead on the forums and one pleasant byproduct was that he was interested in getting together before we all left to the con.

Now, I don't exactly remember the name of the place we went to but it was about as unusual a resturant as you might imagine. It was basically one of those hot dog resturants with counters and tables painted in day-glo shades, but instead of just offering the generic menu items, there were oddities like duck sausage and the like. I'm told that the line for the place often stretches around the block and when we got there the line was just out the door.

Here's a picture of dtb with dtb jr. I seem to have caught the latter right in the middle of a bite of his hotdog here. We all spent some time chatting about plans for gencon and the insanity with the cutout. It's interesting if you think about it. Not a single person is willing to say that they personally feel having the cutout at the stink is a big deal. Instead, it's always coached in suppositions about how a possible 'someone' might have a problem with the someone's identity never being revealed of course. IN the end, what it consists of is a series of people who seem to enjoy hyping the drama for their own amusement.

Here's another picture of the father-son duo without the hotdog in the way. Little dtb had his own bag of dice that he was carrying around which I heartily approve of. I think everyone should have their own dice bag.

Here's John and Melissa backlit by the sun streaming in through the windows.

And finally here's a shot of me with dtb. No doubt now his anti-establishment street cred has shot through the roof as far as gencon is concerned.

After lunch it was a bit of puttering around before heading off to the boardgame meetup. I'm happy to report that it has thrived since I've been gone and had a good turnout with plenty of people bringing games. Even though I didn't start the thing or anything, there's still a sense of paternal pride of sorts since I attended so many meetings way back when it was still small and growing.

When I arrived, p3rsp3ctiv3 was already there and we spent some time just catching up and shooting the breeze. Later when jstad and candierain showed up, we played a few games including hex-hex and coloretto before calling it a night. I should also mention that it was candierain's birthday and we all had a little sing along and she got a piece of cake with a candle in it. There should be pictures and everything but it completely slipped my mind until it was too late.

So that was basically the last night in chicago. The next morning I would set off for gencon and all new adventures.
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