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Antisocial misfits and a roundup

I hate NYC. Loathe it. It's crowded, dirty, and just generally an unpleasant place to be as far as I'm concerned. Despite that fact I volunteered to tag along with Lori today as she went to visit the NYC boardgame meetup. The entire trip seemed like a waste of time to me since it reminded me of nothing so much as the warehousing of gamers. Dozens of people packed into a room with a noise level just below cyclone and mostly consisting of people playing games of settlers with almost no interaction between tables or groups of individuals. Now, I'm not exactly the most chatty of people with strangers either, but it just seemed sort of odd that everyone more or less did their own thing. Perhaps I've just gotten more used to the interactive (read: human) style of gaming that we end up running down here for meetups.

Anyway, Bernie also came along and together with Lori and Robert (a DoW Rep) who we met up there we played a quick round of Hex-Hex with expansion and then St Petersburg. By that point, I had had enough of the heat and the din quite frankly and wanted nothing so much as to go home. After clicking our heels together three times, and with a little help from NJ transit, here I am.

I'm probaly not going to get a chance to do the first day of gencon recaps tonight before I fall asleep. I'm still working my way through Terry Goodkind's most recent book and I would love to get a good chunk of that done. I did however go through my gencon pictures and put together a little montage of pictures featuring the cutout with various people. Enjoy

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