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Gencon Glossary of Terms

True Dungeon: An interactive dungeon crawl event held at gencon for the past 4 years.

Golden Ticket: An invitation to the special pre-gen VIP event where you get to run through the dungeon before anyone else and have purchased $250 worth of tokens for the privledge.

Treasure Tokens: Wooden nickels stamped to represent equipment in true dungeon. They come randomly to a pack like CCGs. Spend $250 and get a golden ticket as a bonus.

Crazy Fucking Nutjobs: Anyone who thinks that a cardboard cutout can somehow be an act of or representative of vengence. Tends to consist of drama-addicted wankers. See also: decerebrated ass monkeys, Spicer

The Stink: A pre-gencon gathering for those members of the gencon forums

The Ram: A resturant in Indianapolis which caters to gamers during gencon and is a fan favorite.

NASCRAG: National ASsociation of CRAzy Gamers (I think). The name of a group and DnD tournament that has been going on at gencon for over 25 years. Highlights roleplaying and puzzle solving abilities and consists of three rounds. Currently in the 2nd year of a 3 year story arc.

Killer Breakfast: An event hosted by Tracy and Laura Hickman (of Dragonlance fame) wherein 150 1st level characters are brought on stage in groups of 9 to by slaughtered by forces far beyond their ECL. All characters will die. The only way to survive is to 1) do something incredibly brave, 2) do something incredibly stupid, 3) do something incredibly entertaining. Whenever you are less entertaining than your death would be, you die. Also features filking and Lauraquest games.
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