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Chicken or the egg

Welp, the toothache seems to be completely gone, or at least it has been since I woke up this morning. One thing I never got aroudn to mentioning is that during the time with the toothache, I also had an earache going on with tenderness and likely an ear infection raging. I've since done some reading and it seems that ear infections can cause symptoms that feel like toothaches and vice versa. They both seem to have poofed out at the same time more or less and now I'm wondering if I even had problems with my teeth to begin with.

Anyway, in other news we had a pretty good DnD session today and I pulled out a few tactical gems in the final combat. I had to leave to play shuttlebus so I have no clue how the last final battle went, but it seemed that the tide had turned against a summoned and suped up Erinyes (you wouldn't believe what I just had to go through to find the proper spelling for this) and her Kuo-toa minions. It looks like things are heating up in the campaign and I can't wait for next week's session.
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