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So because jirel had been so keen about it, before I left for chicago I had set bitcomet to snag all the episodes of Who Wants to be a Superhero that were avaliable. The first three were waiting for me when I got back from gencon and I picked up a fourth over the past day or two. I finally got around to trying to watch it and I just had to stop and comment not past 5 minutes in.

These are the scariest bunch of addled losers I think I have ever seen. I know it's just the promo clip at the start and no doubt they're cherrypicking scenes, but man is it freaky. The fact that some of them were sobbing during the eliminations and delivering teary apologies for disapointing Stan Lee or referring to him as a father figure is just uber creepy. Already part of me is preparing for a mass-murder/suicide at the end of this whole mess when some nerd gets their dreams of being a superhero stepped on. I seriously hope that in addition to scoring points for the dressup and catchphrase part of the competition, that an in-depth psychological evaluation was also part of the selection process.

Crazy obsessed nerd-geeks aside, it's certainly an interesting show concept. No doubt all the "normals" are deriving much enjoyment from watching the crazies run around in tights while other geeks at home are already stiching together their costumes so they can apply to be on the show for season 2. I can emphathize with this desire to be a superhero, though I was never interested in comic books. I used to have this reoccuring dream/fantasy where I was digging in the back yard as a kid and would find The Sword of Omens from Thundercats.

Alright, if you wankers don't stop laughing right now, I swear to God I'm going to pull this LJ over to the curb and boot all of your asses out.

Holy crap, it looks like some people actually made an actual sword out of The Sword of Omens and are selling it as a collectable on ebay. I almost wonder if I should buy it just to fulfill a childhood dream. Of course, I'm sure this version of it dosen't shoot those laser death-beams and if it dosen't have those, what's the point anyway? The idea of running around shouting 'Ho! Ho!' does have some appeal though.

Erf, that was a hell of a digression. Anyway, I think I'm going to get back to watching the first episode of the show and then finishing up day 2 of the gencon recaps. If I'm feeling particularly industrious, I'll see if I can knock off a chunk of day 3 as well.

My freaking god....

Gay guy
Fat comic book guy
Hippie granola nutjob
Delusional Kirk-like stripper
Steroid freak
Bestiality girl
Fat token minority woman (Holy shit! She's got crullers hanging from her belt!!!!!)
98 pound geek weakling
Token hot chick valley girl, will be the first to strip for playboy
Nancy boy with abandonment issues
Token minority man
and finally, a contestant selected from votes on the web. I might have to change my mind and figure that she's the most likely to take it off first. After all, she probaly had to take something off online to get the vote tally she did.
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