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So it was another night helping out the family and not much else. Quite a few things have been churning and percolating in the background lately that I haven't made entries about with the gencon recaps still backlogged. Let me see if I can run through a few of them now:

-Chelle has invited me to go to columbus for labor day weekend where her friends run a little mini con. It was damn nice of them to have extended the offer and I think I'm going to take them up on it. Columbus is a good trek but it should be a lotta fun.

-I've purchased my ticket for Gencon SoCal in november. I wasn't planning on going this year at all and the blame for the reversal can be attached to Mr Shiny. We were chatting about the con and he made the offer to split room space with me in the room he's already sharing with Keeper. With that to keep costs down and the fact that a roundtrip ticket on continental is only running around $330, I decided to take the plunge. I figure I can keep my travel and housing expenses down to $500 and if I don't go overboard on any other spending, it's not too much to pay.

-Lori and I have finally set the date for the first Boardgames Meetup Ticket to Tide Tourney. When I became a Days of Wonder rep they had mentioned they provide prize support for tournaments of their games. That seemed like a great fit since we had already been talking about running a TTR event. If this goes well, I can see us scheduling a tourney every month or month and a half.

-Tommorrow is the poker tournament and game day at the Stronghold. I'm looking forward to it after my positive showing the last time around. Sure I washed out of the tourney, but I at least managed to make it over the hump which was better than I expected. My cash game skillz (read: blind luck) also allowed me to end up breaking even over the course of the day with the tourney entry fee factored in.
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