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Poker Tourney and Game Day at the Stronghold

I have no clue why I'm up. Considering the amount of sleep I've gotten the past couple nights I should be unconscious in my bed making a rather impressive drool spot. Instead I fell asleep around 10ish and was up again like a jack-in-the-box by 2am. Since I was up and tired of reading, I figured I'd get around to recapping the poker tourney and saturday's gameday at the stronghold. First and foremost, I didn't win. I'll pause for the shock and gasps of disbelief to pass. The first time I played in the tourney I made it over the hump, not being among the first half of participants to get the boot. This time around my goals were pretty similar in scope and I ended up far surpassing them.

Basically, it was a damn good poker day for me and possibly the best I've ever had. True, that might not be saying much based on my usual skill of play, but everything was going right. I was playing pretty tight to start and it was working out. I was consistantly getting dealt pretty good cards often enough that I was able to amass quite a chip advantage at the opening table. By the time that we hit the first table merge from 4 to 3, I had become the big stack. This was actually a bit disturbing to me since where my poker skills are most deficient, is how to use a chip lead to my advantage. I just can't seem to get the whole bullying thing right, and whenever I try I get my ass handed to me.

When three tables merged into two, I still had the chip chip lead at my table. What was most satisfying is that I think with the exception of only 2 or 3 hands, I was _always_ ahead in the odds when the big bets or moves were made and it went to showdown. I had no skill in reading people really and didn't much try, but playing conservatively and acting at the right times meant that I made very few mistakes and the odds were on my side. If it weren't for a bad beat handed to me right before the final table formed up, I would have been in fantastic position. As it was, I still went in and out of the 8 people at the final table, I probaly was 3rd or 4th in chips. The problem was that the chip leader there had a _huge_ stack. He was holding at least 40% of the table's chips and the scary thing was that he was a crap player. He was aggressive to the point of insanity and it was only the fact that he had gotten lucky that he had made it that far. At one point, two smaller stacked players managed to double up on him one after another. I joked that I called next for getting a piece of that. The very next hand I got dealt a pair of eights and made my move. There was a pair and overcards on the flop and the turn but I just _knew_ he was betting with nothing. It was the only crystal clear read I got all damn day. I moved all in, and the moron followed me in with nothing. All he had were two live overcards with no straight or flush possibility. According to the odds calculator, he had around a 10% chance tops. I had his ass. Poof. The river hosed me. Cripled to all hell, I was left with enough to pay big blind once and that was the very next hand. I managed to survive for another few hands winning an all-in but that was more or less the end. I ended up going out in 5th place, just 2 shy of hitting the money.

Feh. I guess I shouldn't be upset about it. 5th out of a field of 40, a lot of which play poker regularly and a few who have even gone to the WSoP to play isn't bad at all. I'm just pissed because I could have done so much better. If I had won that hand I would have had the dominant stack and frankly, I could have just folded and let the blinds take a few more people out until I placed in the money.

After washing out, I went to play in a cash game and did pretty darn well. I was on my way to showing a profit for the day when I got tangled in a big pot where someone had gone all in. I was way behind by the time the river came around and only an 8 could save me. The dealer picks up the deck, burns a card, and deals an 8. Cheering. Whooping. Jubilation. I start picking up my winnings and the dealer goes 'Ummm, whoops. I think I dealt from the wrong deck for that last card.' ARGH!! WTF?!?! I drop the chips, dealer picks up the right deck, burns a card, and deals out a 7. There are times I really hate this fucking game to death. All in all, I ended up breaking even at the cash game which given how things were going, was probaly a mercy.

Lets see, what else happened. I tried playing one of those FPS games on a huge projection screen with a few other guys. We battling south americans or something. Became motion sick. Lay down on the middle of the floor for a while. Ended up going to the bathroom and puking until I felt better.

Played a couple huge games of Are You A Werewolf to close out the night where I ran into the most unbelievable senario I've ever seen. First night, everyone is told to go to sleep. The moderator tells the werewolves to wake up, they pick their victim, and everyone goes back to sleep before waking up in the morning. The moderator does his thing and says that a poor victim was eaten during the night. The victim just happened to be a werewolf too. I think 'WTF?!' was pretty much on everyone's lips or minds when that happened. It turns out that one of the werewolves had gotten distracted by another aspect of the game and failed to 'wake up' when the werewolves were called. The other werewolves then just happened to pick him as their first victim out of 20+ possibilities. It ended up being the stupidest batch of werewolves I had ever seen. By the time all four were exterminated, there were still something like 15 villagers left. It was insane.

Anyway, that was more or less how the gameday went. Next one's the end of november and I'm already looking forward to it. Should be lotsa fun.
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