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Cutout Henry is a video star!

I was searching around online for something related to killer breakfast and stumbled over a blog site where someone was recapping the event at gencon this year. The blog's by Kameron M. Franklin, an author I'd admittedly never heard of before stumbling over his site: Pens & Swords. A quick search on Amazon however shows that he's put out a couple of Forgotten Realms book and had a signing at this past Gencon.

Anyway, the really exciting part for me is that on his blog recap of gencon, he actually had a video which included part of the cutout bit at Killer Breakfast! It's fantastic to be able to see it as a video instead of just as stills from the digital camera. For one thing, I had completely forgotten about Tracy's 'ticket' comment until I watched the video. Too much going on and too few brain cells devoted to memory storage at the time I guess. The video is at the bottom of the entry and the KB part is around halfway through.

It makes me wonder if it would be worthwhile to invest in a camcorder or something so that in the future I could make little video diaries of trips to gencon and origins. If nothing else, it'd be great to be able to film KB in its entirety and a whole True Dungeon run from start to finish.
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