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Gencon Recap: Day 5

Long delayed, but I'm sure that very few of you were still sitting around and waiting for it anyway. It's mostly to get the burden off of my back and so I can stop thinking about how it's still left undone.

Saturday night, ironicly, might be the most sleep I got the entire con. When you consider that this might have amounted to around 5 hours of shuteye, it gives you an idea of what sort of sleep deprivation I'd been working under.

Sunday morning consisted mostly of frantic packing, chucking everything into suitcases. I was also surprised to find that you could actually have those bellhop guys come to your room to wheel your crap down to the front desk. It made things a lot easier when all I had to haul around was the cutout. Before heading to the convention center, mock26 and I stopped off at sherilyn70 and nzknight's room. We proped up the cutout in front and then knocked on the door like we were kids doing a ring and run. It must be sorta creepy to open your door and see the cutout standing there. I know first hand since I ended up jumping a bit 2-3 times saturday night when I stood the thing up in a corner. You catch it out of the corner of your eye and it's exactly like some stranger has appeared and is staring at you. You react before your brain can fill in the details. Melissa had mentioned the same thing and I had made a note of moving to the cutout in the middle of the night so it was standing over her bedside. Lucky for her, I was so exhausted I never got the chance.

After checking all of the baggage in, it was scramble time to get to the convention center so I could run my last Killer Bunnies demo. I ended up arriving a bit late, still limping and gimpy, but luckily someone had started things up for me and it didn't take much for me to take over. After the demo game it was time for the world championship event.

Here's a picture of everyone who was in the game with their favorite carrot in hand.

As for the game itself....I did pretty well overall as I recall. I think I ended up with 3-4 carrots or so, which wasn't spectacular by any means but at least I had a shot at it. In the end, every single person had at least one carrot and a bunny at the end, as much as I tried to see that wasn't going to be the case. The guy who ended up winning (furthest on the right) just rubbed me the wrong way somehow. It's not even that he was excessively annoying or something but there was just something about him that was jumping up and down on my last nerve. It might have just been the lack of sleep or general crankiness but near the end, I tried everything I could think of to skunk him and end the game so he would end up bunnyless. Maybe it was just some sort of precognition since it did turn out he had the winning carrot in his hands. It's funny because usually I'm the one working hard at the end to try to see as many people get in the draw as possible. It's the fact that I've run too many demos and it's become almost second nature. I haven't tried to deep six someone in god only knows how long.

Here's me getting a shot off at Boyd, the Origins winner who I traded the winning carrot to in that game.

And finally, no set of pictures is complete without one where everyone tries to throttle the winner.

After the game, all that was left was to make my way to the playroom booth to pick up the prize for getting to the finals, an uncut sheet of KB cards. Of course, the joke ended up being on me since I lost the damn thing, leaving it behind at the Order of the Stick booth when I stopped there to pick up a couple of t-shirts. Le sigh.

As we were all standing around waiting for the final carrot draw, I snapped a shot of foxxtail, nzknight, and foxy's BF.

And then it was time for the draw and Jeff was on. That's Jonathan Young standing beside him, the artist for most of the Killer Bunny cards.

I think this is his Shatner impression.

The field thins.

And the winner is....dreamwalker from the gencon forums. He had been in a previous qualifying round with me for the world championships and I was also the one who introduced him to the game before the last gencon. I think that should get me some sort of bonus points since in one sense, he was a protege of sorts.

Here was his prize for winning. An uncut sheet of cards signed by Jeff and Jonathan.

Here's Jeff and Jonathan with the winner of the World Championship along with his plaque. Ahh, poor me. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. This means I'm 0 for 2 now. If I qualify at socal, I guess I'll have another shot at it. At some point the law of averages should kick in....right?

And of course here's me with Jeff and my own uncut sheet which I had the pleasure of owning for all of a hour or two. Feh. It's the suxxors. It was a sheet of Stainless Steel too. Wahhhhhh.

And that was basically gencon. I wandered around buying some things like those t-shirts at the Order of the Stick booth and another 75 dollars worth of those metal Tokkens. I spent some time there trading but there wasn't enough time to get done all of the things I had planned on. All in all, I hadn't even seen half of the exhibit hall and had collected next to no swag. I went over to the Wizards of the Coast booth at the last minute to do their die rolling whozit, but of course by then all the good stuff was gone. There were no boardgames left and what was avaliable mostly consisted of piles and piles of R A Salvatore's drizzt reprints. The worst part about it? I rolled a freaking 20. Talk about a waste. Oh well, tehre's always socal I guess.

I had rung Chelle earlier in the day mostly to see if she and Todd wanted to meet up for a bit before the con was officially over. I ended up getting an invite to dinner out of it and they also said they would drop me off at the airport. It sounded like a great deal to me and they knew a steakhouse in the area they had been to last year that was excellent.

It ended up being a fantastic meal and I'm only sorry that it was rushed a bit because of my flight. They had mentioned that the steaks were huge but it was still a surprise to get what seemed to amount to half a cow on your plate.

Beef, it's what's for dinner.

To give you a standard for comparrison, here's what Todd and I both ordered compared to what Chelle had. It was monstrous, and monstrously good.

Of course, there was no way I was going to eat all of that and so after munching a bit, I had them wrap it up. I just love the fact that it looks like a cow head, but then again, I'm easily amused. What wasn't amusing was it ended up leaking beef juice all over the inside of my backpack. I had been warned about that and was able to wrap it up in hoards of paper towels once I hit the airport terminal. What is sorta interesting is security never opened up my bag or commented upon the huge tinfoiled package.

Anyway, the flight home was on one of those little commuter planes which was actually not that bad. My comment as I was getting on the plane that it was like flying in a coffin sorta disturbed the person in front of me who asked that I not share thoughts like that. The fact that I couldn't stand up straight to walk down the asile was a bit disturbing quite frankly. I can only imagine how someone really tall (or at least taller than my 6'1) would feel trying to get on the thing. They'd probaly have to walk in on their knees.

So that was the whole trip. Recap was a bit delayed but now it's done and left to posterity. Since I'm going to socal, you can anticipate another one of these buggers in another few months. Not to mention there are a couple of local cons in the meantime that I might end up recapping as well.
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