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More to read

Welp, my order from Barnes and Noble just arrived in the mail yesterday. It looks like I'm going to have plenty to read for the next couple of weeks. My two bookshelves are already overloaded and I'm not sure where I'm going to find room to add new books after a while. Anyway, here's what I picked up:

1 The Runes of the Earth
1 Mistress of Dragons (Dragonvarld #1)
1 To Light A Candle (Obsidian Trilogy #2)
1 Phule's Errand
1 Forgotten Realms: Elminster's Daughter
1 White Wolf
1 Winter Warriors
1 Water Sleeps
1 The Silver Spike
1 Thud!
1 The Swords of Night and Day
1 Hero in the Shadows
1 The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend

I already started in on Thud!, the new Terry Pratchett Watch Novel, and I'm around a hundred pages or so in. It dosen't seem to be as good as Nightwatch so far, but then that set a very high standard. Nightwatch is probaly my favorite pratchett Watch book at the moment and second only to The Last Hero to take the overall title.

I'm also looking forward to being able to finish Glen Cook's Black Company books. I've had the last book in the series, Soldiers Live, for quite a while now but was missing Water Sleeps. Reading out of order really ticks me off so I've been holding out. It's nice to have loose ends wrapped up.

Finally, I was surprised and happy to find that the copy of The Runes of the Earth that I was sent was actually a signed copy! Considering that I bought it off the discount rack at, it dosen't exactly bode well for sales. I'm hoping to get a chance to reread the entire Thomas Covenant Chronicles from the very beginning before tackling Runes. It's been a long time since I've revisited the world and I could use a refresher. The best part about going back to old books you love is that it's like coming home again to a small degree. It's one way you have to go back in time and unlike the fog of memories, you find that everything is just as it was.
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