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Well, sure. He sorta has to say that dosen't he?

"Cleveland has heart. We are a city with a long and rich history. We are a city of hope and opportunity where people expect quality life. We have a world-class orchestra, world-class medical facilities, and we are recognized as one of the most livable cities and one of the best places to visit. We are a city of one people, one community, living and working together, with respect, justice and equality. We are a great city. We are Cleveland."

-Excerpt from Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s Inaugural Address
January 2, 2006

So I'm setting off for Ohio sometime tomorrow. I haven't bothered to worry about trivial things like packing or otherwise preparing for the trip but that's half the fun of it. You arrive and then you get to dig through your hastily put together luggage to find what you've forgotten to bring along this time around.

I don't imagine I'll actually see much of the city itself, though that's probaly no real loss. I've never been one of those sightseeing sort of people anyway. It would be sorta interesting to see the 'free' stamp. I haven't seen anything that ridiculous looking in quite a while. I wonder how many millions went into that art project?
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