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I wish for a thousand more wishes

I had the weirdest dream earlier. It was part high school reunion, part fantasy spy thriller, and contained a part where you could make wishes if you had part of a large boob in your mouth. A weee bit disturbing really.

Last night was the boardgame meetup and things went pretty well. We seemed to have cycled through a new batch of people and I got to run a massive game of KB for all the interested newbies. Of course, it just turned out that I had been in a rush and left the promo cards and crap at home. Oh well. I figure I can always pass them out at the next event if those interested come back.

I'll hopefully start the charliecon recap sometime tonight and I know that Chelle is probaly reading this right now with some impatience. My excuse for not getting to it the past couple of days is that I started playing Civilization 4 again and those damn Aztecs need their comeuppance. Other than the endless war in videogame land, things have been pretty tranquil around here. Gameday at the Panera tommorrow and then DnD on Sunday.
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