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Weekend Roundup

Welp, it's been a full couple of days. Yesterday was the gameday at the Panera and that went off more or less without a hitch. What I had forgotten was that last night was also Randy's party at his place. He had told us all about it a couple of weeks back but it sort of slipped my mind. I had been sort of ambivalent about going since it never seems that we end up mixing with the people there very well. There always seems to be two camps of individuals with Randy's friends and Bob's friends. However, since everyone else was going to make the trip, I decided to go along and we all just took one car up.

In the end, things were actually a lot of fun. I brought along Descent: Journeys in the Dark with me and we ended up playing a game down in the basement rec room while most of the party goers stayed upstairs. And since it wouldn't be a party at Randy's place without it, we also did quite a few rounds of Karaoke Revolution. I'm sorry to report that despite my insistance he find a broadway edition of the game, apparently none exists at the moment. The game and then the karaoke was engrossing enough that we didn't end up leaving until around 3am and it was around 6am before I got to bed.

Five hours after that, it was time to get up again and go off to the DnD game. Randy ended up skipping the event, Bill M was out of town visiting his parents, and the newbie that had showed up last time decided to quit. After quite a few hours of some truly heinous and grueling battle, we managed to get through one, and only one, encounter. However, that was enough to push everyone up to 8th level. Weeee.

I took my first level of Arcane Trickster.
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