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Gencon Socal Sucks Balls

It seems that even with a attendee number a fraction of that at Indy and even less events, those incompetants at Gencon still couldn't get event registration to go off right. The lack of events are pretty disturbing, and I can only hope that it's because someone didn't get aroudn to adding them in time. This hope however has been severly challenged by the fact that the new event listing avaliable today actually has _LESS_ events listed than the one they put out yesterday.

Lucky for the Gencon administration however is the fact that very few people will likely notice nor care. Socal has such a low attendance rate that you can practically hear crickets on the event registration site. I think I saw only 3 sold out events across the whole schedule. I swear, if it wasn't for the fact that true dungeon was there the entire con wouldn't be worth a bent nickel. I have _zero_ interest in the other events there after scanning the list. Hell, if I could refund my plan ticket, I'd do it at this point.
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