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Thousands of angsty bloodsucker wannabes can't be wrong

College shooter showed rage, no motive

MONTREAL, Quebec (CNN) -- Hate-filled Web postings by the Montreal college gunman show bitterness but no real motive for the shooting rampage that killed one woman and injured 19 other people.

Investigators are scrutinizing entries made by Kimveer Gill on a Web site called "" including pictures of the man dressed in black posing with guns and a knife, Quebec Provincial Police spokesman Lt. Frances Dore told CNN Thursday.

A user called "Trench" with the sign-on name "fatality666" -- who has been identified as Gill by other users on the site -- said he liked playing a video game based on the Columbine High School massacre, media reports said Thursday.

Just two hours before the shooting, "fatality666" who also called himself the "Angel of Death" wrote, "Whiskey in the morning, mmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, good !!" and listed his mood as "no mood."

In two other postings earlier that morning, the writer described his mood as "crazy" and "postal." On Tuesday he said his mood was "dead."

"I hate this world, I hate the people in it, I hate the way people live, I hate God, I hate the deceivers, I hate betrayers, I hate religious zealots, I hate everything ... I hate so much ... (I could write 1,000 more lines like these, but does it really matter, does anyone even care)," said an entry from March.

Gill, 25, was shot dead by police in what was described as a shootout at the end of a firing rampage through Dawson College in downtown Montreal, Quebec, on Friday. (Watch what happened during the shooting, captured on a cell phone -- 0:50)

Dore said Gill had no criminal record and was not known to police.

"He's a deranged person, that's for sure," Dore said, adding police have "absolutely no motive right now" for the shootings.

"He had a car, got out of his car, took some guns from the trunk and went inside, killing people," Dore said.

Police believe the man picked his targets at random.

"No connection whatsoever; he's not a student at Dawson, he's not a former student at Dawson," Dore said.


One of Gill's postings said he liked to play "Super Columbine Massacre," an Internet-based game that simulated the April 20, 1999, shootings by two students at a Colorado high school that left 13 people dead, The Associated Press reported.

Near the home where Gill lived, a neighbor told the AP that Gill was a loner.

"There were never any friends," AP quoted Louise Leykauf as saying. "He kept to himself. He always wore dark clothing."

AP reported that came up in a murder investigation earlier this year. A 23-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl accused in a triple murder in Medicine Hat, Alberta, had profiles on the Web site.

Boo-urns. It looks like all the attention has either brought down the vampirefreaks site or bogged down its servers. I was sort of looking forward to popping over there and spreading a bit of mockery and sarcasm. Oh well, que sera sera I guess.

On a sidenote, these sort of angsty wankers really piss me off with their random acts of violence. What a buncha pussies. If you're going to kill people in a bloody rampage, at least make it people you loathe. Taking out innocent bystanders is just pathetic. What this guy should have done is kept a list of people he hated and then add to it until one day his rage overflowed and he goes on a crosscountry kill-spree to take them all out. Errr, not that I have a list of course. I'm just saying. Ummm...yeah.

Oh, btw, finally got the site to load and this was right on the front page:

the goth scene is a very friendly, nurturing, non-violent community and we are very supportive of our users and do not condone any illegal activities.


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