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I cannot believe that there is still nothing interesting on Gencon Socal eventlist. I simply cannot fucking believe that there are only 100 board/card gaming events over 4 days. It boggles the mind. I keep downloading the updated list each day just hoping that something interesting pops up and it's freaking pathetic that the closest event that comes to grabbing my attention is something called Panty Explosion: Classroom Deathmatch. With a name like that I had to take a closer look and a quick websearch finds that it's a RPG which consists of:

Panty Explosion is an adventure game about psychic and mundane Japanese schoolgirls battling nightmarish demons, ghosts, government agents and often each other. It is also a game about enduring high school, making friends, besting rivals, achieving goals and having fun in modern Japan.

In Panty Explosion you and your friends take the role of Japanese High School girls. At least one of you will have Psychic powers. As a group you will create a story about how your Students survived and triumphed against the adversity of otherworldly demons, shadowy agents and the Japanese educational system.

Good grief.

How can the schedule be so full of unmitigated shit?
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