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You rat bastards. This is the last season of SG-1 and you had to go and kill Col. Emerson? Why? Just let the guy live and collect a paycheck till the end of the season. It's probaly going to be a long stretch on unemployment for him after that. Besides, I liked him. It's starting to be that commanding one of the Earth Prometheus class ships is like being a redshirt on the original star trek series. There have only been 4 ships and 3 of the captains have now been killed and the last one was taken over my a Gould for a while. It's starting to become one of those promotions you don't want.

With termination looming, I only hope that they can still twist the plot episodes around to give us a nice ending to the series without having all sorts of implausabilties. As it stands though, it seems hard to imagine any ending where Earth wins as anything other than Deus Ex Machina. After all, there aren't many story resources left. There's only one major ship left, the Dedalus (Okay, it looks like the Odyssey has survived too), and that spends have its time making the jump to Pegasus and back. The Jaffa are all fucked up and scrambled and the Ancients are still playing their non-interference game. The only way for SG-1 to win against the Ori is if they find God in Merlin's secret vault and He decides to throw down some Old Testament Fire and Brimstone down on the Ori. Thou Shalt Have No God Before Me, Bitch. WHOOOOSH. ::Ori Galaxy in Flames::
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