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If you wait long enough it'll be free

I haven't bought a console game in quite a long time and that is a good thing. I'm one of those stupid people who will go out and pick up games that they never get around to playing. To this day I've got dozens if not over a hundred games for the original playstation, most of which I have probaly not tried more than once, if that. I've probaly used my gameboy and gameboy color for a lump sum of less than 24 hours total, and don't even ask about the gamecube.

I had mostly weened myself out of this sort of purchasing idiocy, but today I went out and actually picked up 3 new PSX2 games. In my defense, two of the games I have had my eye on for months now and I was simply unwilling to pay the outrageous retail price. Lucky for me, both had now fallen to a much more acceptable 19.95 and so I scooped up Rachett and Clank: Deadlocked and Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge. Since I was in a buying frenzy, I also got the new Gauntlet game which I would be willing to bet money sucks monkeyballs. (Woohoo, a quick pop over to shows that it was given a 5.2/10 and rated "Mediocore")

I can't say for sure how long the games will hold my interest, but I figure it'll be at least a few days. That being said, I might be relatively scarce for a while as I slaughter my way through hoards of enemies.
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