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The nightmare before christmas game makes me motion sick. Well, there's a good $20 down the tubes. It's funny when you think about it, but Ratchet and Clank is also a lotta shooty and spinny but I didn't have any problem with that. One of these days I should try to figure out exactly what feature of games triggers this. I know enough to avoid all 1st person shooters, but the number of 3rd person perspective games that make me ill seems to be more variable.

Other than that, yesterday was another boardgame meetup and it went pretty par for the course. I ran a few playroom games and got a chance to try out a couple other things to boot including DoW's Gang of Four, the '#1 card game in asia'. I took this proclaimation with more than a grain of salt since I had never heard of the thing, but I figure 2 billion yellow and brown people can't be wrong. Overall it didn't impress me much but I guess it could be interesting with repeated plays. It's gives me the feel of a card game you'd imagine a buncha little old ladies sitting around playing hand after hand of.
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