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Modern art sucks

I have no clue what I was searching for on eBay that caused the listings to pop up, but I stumbled over a buncha auctions ending today for pieces of modern art. The bidding seems to be pretty brisk, which simply shows you that morons will buy anything, and I thought I'd share one of these dubious masterpieces.

This piece is called Fire Within, or as I immediately dubbed it, shit that happened when I threw paint at a wall and let it dribble down. To help you get an idea of what this 'work of art' would look like in your home, the eBay seller even provides a shot of it above a series of standard living room setups in various hues.

Oh yes, quite lovely. Who wouldn't want to make their wall look like someone had projectile vomited blood and bile all over it. If you act fast, you might even be able to still snatch it up. The bidding is only up to a couple hundred and the reserve hasn't been met yet.

Holy crap. Someone's now bidding $310 for this with a hour left.

I'm looking at you sherilyn70
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