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Cuz after alll, you're my wonder....falls?

So, a long, long time again and in a galaxy far, far away 712 recommended a tv show to me right around when I was working my way through the last of Dead like Like. It was right before gencon and I slotted the show, wonderfalls, into the ol' bittorrent and the completed files have been sitting on my desktop ever since I got back. Due to a case of near terminal boredom, I finally decided to start watching the series and even though I'm only partway through the first episode, I'm pretty sure I'm going to like it.

Ya, ya, I know...not even through with the first episode yet. You'd think that I could just finish watching an entire show before commenting on it but I figure it's better to get my initial impressions down somewhere to compare with how I feel about it after I've seen the whole thing. The series only ran for a single season so I'm assuming there must be something sorta wrong with it, well, other than the fact that I can only assume that no one watched it.

So far, the only downside is it's targeted appeal to Gen Y, which is sorta inducing my gag reflex a bit. The whole disaffected, misunderstood, emo near-teen thing grates on my nerves a bit. On the plus side, the guy playing the dad is Goober from Boston Public! Spiffyness.

Anyway, I think I'll go and see how episode 1 turns out. Maybe they'll explain why those weird little animal whozits are talking.

Eh...I'm not sure how I feel about it a few more episodes in. It tries too hard to be whacky, which gets really grating after a while. It had a great premise but they keep trying to push the envelope and it's starting to tick me off. That whole Gen Y second episode just pegged it on the head for me.

It's funny really....there are shows that have writers who are able to do this sort of dialogue without any problems. An example that seeks to come immediately to mind is Gilmore Girls, which my sisters love. I've seen probaly a grand total of maybe one episode of it in passing, but the dialogue is crisp, witty, and nails that reparte that we all figure ppeople would have in a perfect universe in current day america. This show aims for that with cultural references and whackiness and misses completely by going way overboard. You end up spending all of your time watching the show wondering in the back of your mind, who the fuck talks like this?

Want an example? Here's a bit of dialogue where a nun explains why she had to leave her convent:

Jaye: If you were so happy with the sisters in the field, why did you leave?

Katrina: It was the cheese. The cheese was my undoing. [indicating her plate] This is the miracle of life melted over these chili fries. The bacterial flirtation with enzymes. The co-mingling of friendly micro-organisms giving birth to curds and whey, “And from dust He created the universe”.

Jaye: The dairy-board must love you.

I'm just so torn so far. This show is alternatingly wonderful and obnoxious as all getout.
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