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I <3 satanic animals

I think that Wonderfalls might actually be better if the animals were Satanic. Maybe it's just me but there seems to be enough shows out there that tried to do the whole Joan of Arc thing with God talking to them. It might be much more spiffy to give the devil his turn on stage.

On a sidenote, a quick look on the internets shows that wonderfalls was only on the air for 4 episodes. Holy crap. I've never heard of a show canceled so quickly. Don't they usually wait until around midseason to replace the ones that bomb? It turns out that despite the lackluster ratings, the producers had plans for future seasons.

According to an interview featured on the 2005 DVD release of the series, the producers revealed that they already had plans for the second and third season. In the second season, Jaye’s therapist would document their sessions, eventually publishing a book on her, which would lead to her being institutionalized with “Jesus Syndrome” in the third season.

Sweet. It's always spiffy when your main character is forcibly committed for being a nutjob. It's like Return to Oz where Dorothy is committed to a nuthouse for electroshock treatments. It seems that hearing the voice of God is almost never a good thing. Bad shit seems to happen to you almost immediately. This is not to say that hearing Satan speak to you is any better perhaps, but it might be interesting to see how the other side lives.

Alrighty, I like it. I really, really like it. This show is just twisted and I respect that. I also can't help but hope that in one of the 5 episodes remaining an animal tells Jaye to 'kill them all' or something like that.
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