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LJ match game answers

1) "I've forgotten how to cry"

Heard to have been muttered in an entry by soupiecampbell which probaly explains why no one got this one right. Lets face it, with all the crossfiring angst around you wouldn't have thought that this would come from quarty. Of course, I never got to read all those entries he deleted once upon a time so many he would have given people a run for their money in his prime.

2) "I admit that I love making people feel inferior at times."

It must take a lot to make anyone actually feel inferios in the presence of modesta. I can only shudder at the thought of how much effort it might take to make the most slackjawed bellringing hunchback feel inferior to her.

3) "Today's schedule:
cry cry cry
probably masturbate

This is one of my favorite entries that I stumbled over. The kodos go to smallvictories. You don't usually expect that much honesty in a things to do list, but then again this is the same girl who owns the most widely viwed boobies in sissyfight. I think she did it just to dispell the three nipples rumor.

4) "The When Harry Met Sally Syndrome has to exist, or I'm going to be a conceited whore and start believing that someone is secretly directing and filming my life for clown amusement."

Clowns need amusemnt too. In this case plasticophelia provided it apparently. Did you know that the moving scene in when harry met sally was shot at the U of C quads?

5) "does anyone think that the library has a certain sensuality to it? i'm not really sure what it is.."

Welp, if it ever comes time to discover who's been doing the nasty in the library the prime suspect from now on will be justonephase. I shudder to think what'll happen one day when she goes off to college where those wanky undergrads actually do have sex in the stacks. Maybe we'll have to add a section to her LJ when that happens with a dropdown bar. Had sex today in: Fiction, Non-fiction, Biography, etc etc :P.

6) "Ugh... I've been increasingly squeamish about eating meat lately *snip*. I'd pretty much given up chicken in restaurants, and have been trying to be really discriminating about other meats as well.

I didn't actually follow up on reading this so I'm not sure if the anti-meat stance continues but raanve is our resident fear of chicken person. I dunno what caused this anti-chicken bias since I just randomly fliped to an entry and thought it was kinda funny.

7) "Anyways, back to the anxiety. I have hair anxiety. I mean, I'm actually getting stressed out and slightly freaking out and also thinking about my hair ALL THE TIME"

Pffft. Girls. Who spends all their time worrying about their hair? Why the most girly girl around, jeanie3 of course. Though, if I had hair like that and looked like that I might spend more time fussing with myself too. Of course, this would only be after the initial shriek of surprise, but after that it's possible I'd start to take more interest in hair care.

8) "Highway patrolmen must either have a lot of compassion, not really care about their jobs, or like chicks with big boobs who cry, because I've never gotten a ticket from one."

Pffft. Damn girls and their unfair advantage. I've been pulled over quite a few times and always get a ticket. It sucks. So who's the big boobie crybaby who got out of the ticket? kylieann of course.

9) "Pet Peeves: (NOT work related)
-those tiny little shorts with cute things about angels and sugar written across the butt that I see everywhere these days. I mean, why don't you just wear a big flashing sing that says LOOK AT MY BUTT!!!?"

I think this is just quartzie's butt envy. Of course this is just supposition. I've never seen her butt so I've never been able to objective rate it. Suffice to say if we ever show up at the same meat in the future I will make extensive observations and report back as to its quality.

10) "i did lots of good stuff today - i sent out emails to ppl i am scared of - i have a phone and communication in general phobia."

Ha! Proof that I should be the host of any future talk show. This is the nail in the coffin. If thespacecowgirl has a conversation phobia, then she could hardly be in charge interviewing guests and offering witicisms to the audience, right? I think this just proves that I win by default and a big SCREW YOU to all those who voted against me.

11) "a hearty fuck you with two middle fingers to the shiteating pig who drove right past me as the light turned green, while i was twenty feet away, flapping my arms up and down like a maniac."

Serious now. Who else could this really have been? I can even see dimentedpimento capering around in a mad fit of fury. Of course, in this image of him he's also holding a bong in one hand and wearing a cheech and chong shirt.

12) "I'm wearing an ungodly amount of eyeliner for some reason, and it's streaking into black rivers on my cheeks. It's all so tragic that I take a picture, then run off to the alleyway to abort myself with the coathanger that I'm made of."

Like this one is a surprise either. Eyeliner, coathanger abortions, angst burger. It could only be spitefairy though I think this was actually from a dream entry rather than musings. Not that one could tell the difference.


Ahh. The sweet dulcet tones of gembobelse. Rapture, no?

Too hard? Too easy?
Do it again?

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