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Reach for your sidearm

Finished with wonderfalls and on now to Deadwood. It's a change of pace for sure and right off the bat, I'm not sure if I like it or not. I've never been a fan of westerns of any stripe and had no dreams of living in the old west. From what I've seen, it's just dirty and dagnasty and I want none of it. Certainly Deadwood seems to be trying quite hard to reinforce that opinion. Hell, I'm not sure I'd feel good living in this town with kevlar and a howitzer in my backyard.

I haven't quite figured out the name of the ex-marshal's friend who he's opening up the hardware store with him (no clue if it's just cruddy sound or something to do with how they're speaking but I keep missing words here and there) but I'm pretty sure he's a dead man. I mean, he's friendly and tries to resolve conflicts in a genial manner without escalating the situation. He might as well be a walking corpse. If this were a movie, you'd know right off the bat the only way he could be any more dead is if he were wearing a red shirt and kept telling people how he had only 3 days to go until retirement. No doubt his untimely demise will cause his already iffily-balanced friend to go all apeshit and kill whoever whacked his friend.

Well, I managed to figure out why I was so confused about some of the characters for a while. Apparently I was mixing up Wild Bill and Buffalo Bill in my head. I kept wondering where his little wild west circuis was.
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