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Deadwood Menu

Pork $.25
Plain Steak $.30
Elk $.15
Deer $.15
Oxtail Stew $.20
Pork and Beans $.10
Bacon $.15
Hard Tack $.07 (Biscuits)
Taos Lightning $.05 (Whiskey)

Wouldn't bacon cost more than pork in general? I can see why game is cheaper, but you'd think that bacon, which I can only imagine is prized, should be more than just regular pork. Of course, considering the fact that the pigs on this damn show seem to survive eating human corpses, I'm pretty sure I'd pass on the whole lot. It's also interesting that they do have such a variety of different meat. You'd think they'd just serve whatever they happened to have slaughtered that day rather than offering a real choice.

Anyway, I woke up a hour or two ago and didn't feel like going back to bed. I finished off rereading a paratchett book and now I'm back to watching deadwood. Three episodes in and I'm still on the fence about the whole thing. Part of me just wishes that someone would take a machine gun to half of the characters and just clean up the town already. I mean, it's not like Al Swearengen is God or something. Put a round in the back of his head and he's a corpse as fast as the next man. To boot, it's not even like he's a gunfighter so there's a good chance you'd even get the draw on him straight up.

It also looks like Sol is managing to survive despite my early predictions. I still say that if this were a movie or something, he'd have been a corpsesicle before 30 minutes into the film. Nice guys always finish last in these sort of dark, 'realisitic' westerns.

Hmmm, I want something to eat. It's probaly not the proper 5:30am breakfast food but I could really go for some KFC right now. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that none of them are likely to open for another 5 hours.

Well that sucks donkeyballs. I really liked Wild Bill. Most of the characters in this pissass show just piss me off and I had some hopes of him and 'montana' cleaning house at some point.
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