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One down, two to go

So I'm back from Southern Exposure III and the word of the day is exhaustion. It wasn't a very good con for sleep and by the end, just about everyone felt like a dead man walking. Overall, attendence was still pretty low, leading to a ghost town sort of feeling in the boardgame room for thursday and friday. Saturday picked up so that there were actually around 8-10 games or so running at a time that evening. Most of the events still failed to go off however and participation in the various game tournaments was minimal. In fact, it was minimal enough that I ended up winning 4 of them, losing 1, and throwing 1 to someone who could certainly have used the prize of a free pass to Dexcon more than I could.

Randy, Matt, Joyce and I stayed in a room together and that was certainly an interesting experience. The first night, I managed to get around 30 minutes of sleep total in 3 minute bursts. By the time Randy and I had made it upstairs, Joyce and Matt were already asleep and I let Randy have the other bed. I didn't bother to try to strip a comforter off of one of the beds because I didn't want to wake Joyce and Matt so at first tried sleeping in an armchair and when that didn't work out, on the floor. I ended up, just about freezing my ass off. In the end, there just wasn't anything to be done about it and I left the room to aimlessly wander the halls of the hotel. I found a little lobby/sitting area with a tv and loafed around watching episodes of Coach on USA. Suffice to say, I was not a very happy camper when full morning rolled around.

The funny part is that Joyce and Matt didn't fair much better in attempting to sleep during the con either. Randy was sawing logs every night and both of them seem to be light sleepers, ecspecially Joyce. It got bad enough that Joyce spent one night trying to sleep in the bathtub, and only after trying to drown Rnady out with fans, the weather channel, and running water. Anyone who is ever given the job of waking Matt should also know that he's a freakazoid. The last day of the con, he was sleeping in a bit and at one point Joyce asked if I would go up there and get him up. I went to the room, walked over to the bed, and pretty darn softly said his name. The next thing I know he lunges at me from the bed like a crackhead who had spied a quarter, causing me to jump back a bit. Immediately after, he flops back down on the bed, rolls over to his side whereupon he clutches his leg up and starts groaning and writhing back and forth. It was like some freaky scene from the exorcist. I should have been splashing holy water on him and yelling 'The power of Christ compels you' or something. When I later related this story to everyone else, Joyce commented that yeah, matt isn't really a morning person. Neither am I, but I'm thinking he takes it to extremes.

Lets see, what else interesting happened:

-Eating at an English pub/resturant led me to finally discover that 1) Yorkshire pudding is not a dessert and 2) Spotted Dick apparently looks like a turd on custard.

-Had a meal at the Cracker Barrel with everyone after the con ended, making it both the second time within a month and my lifetime.

-Killer Bunnies Everything went off pretty spectacularly. I really wish I had more oppertunities to teach and play with all the expansions rather than just Blue/Yellow.

-I got to make a little sleeping fort for myself on subsequent nights at the con under the desk in the room. It was all nostalgic.

-It was hard to determine who is more primative, Canadians or Tree Huggers.

There's still Ubercon in 3 weeks and then gencon Socal in a month and change. After that, there should be a good 2 month break before anymore cons show up.
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