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Two seasons of deadwood down and only one left to go. After a couple dozen episodes, I still can't say that I really like the show. It just seems to move too slowly with a lot of inconsequential bullshit tossed in here and there. It seems to take forever to finish a single plotline and it dosen't seem all that monumental even when completed. The most appealing part of it might actually be Joanie Stubb's hat, which I think looks pretty damn sweet on her.

By this point I'm just hoping that the characters I loathe will all end up dying by the end of the show since none have seem fit to pass on so far. I really wish someone would just walk up to E.B. and empty a couple of barrles into his chest. He grates on me like no one else. I was also quite disapointed to see that Tolliver looks like he's going to survive his shiving.

After this is done, evilhippy has recommended Carnivale and I picked it up over the weekend. From the little of it I've heard about, it sounds very deadwoodesque in that it's a period piece, but with a sci-fi/paranorma element tossed in. That might be spiffy since the 'reality' of deadwood is really starting to grate on me.
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