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I am the pumpkin king!

Well, it was probaly inevitable but it looks like the Nightmare Before Christmas CCG is official on life support and doomed to die. The company that produces the cards, NECA, has announced they will stop supporting the venture and just sell out their remaining stock which means that we can pretty much kiss any additional expansions goodbye. Feh. It sorta figures that the first time I get involved in a CCG again in 10 years and it goes bellyup within the year.

On the plus side however, it looks like disney is re-releasing the movie in 3D! It's coming our in theatres October 20th and more info can be found at the website as to theatres at The only place that's showing it in the state is in Elizabeth and just happens to fall on Ubercon weekend to boot. Some diehards on the NBC forums are organizing a trip to see it saturday and I'm probaly going to tag along. I just have to see if I'm scheduled to run any events during that window....Weee, looks like I'm clear.

Anyone who's in the area or coming to ubercon is welcome to jump in. I should offer a slight warning though that it's almost a certainty I will be singing along with the movie.
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