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Where's my bloodbath?

The season finale of deadwood sucked ass. I guess it's also the series finale of sorts, at least for the episodic run, since there won't be any 4th season. I can only assume that they had the entire 3rd season in the can when the negotiations fell through. That meant they had to run with what they had instead of actually re-writing the last few eps so that they actually resolve some plot lines. The ending as is just pisses me off. It reminds me of when I was still reading Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time and spent around 1400 pages waiting for the fucking war between the white and black towers. How fucking long can it take to have an army march across a distance that most characters seem able to transverse in a 3-4 pages tops?

It's the same bullshit in Deadwood. We're primed for some sort of all out war with armies on both sides and with the tension mounting. You figure that at any moment the world will end with a bang but fuck nothing happens. There's no huge shootout, no bloody rampage, nothing. It looks like HBO reached a deal with the producers to create a couple of 2-hour long 'movies'. Can't seem to find any info online about when they'll finally be released but I better get my bloodbath or I'm going to be pissed.

I can't understand why someone didn't just go over there and pop Heast one in the face to begin with. It seems stupid to play the cat and mouse game with someone who has you outgunned and you're sure will come for you. At that point, you have two very clear choices: run for the hills or cut the head off the snake and hope the body withers and dies. If nothing else, Heast dead will probaly buy you a good amount of time until things sort themselves out. No one could have predicted that he would have just wandered off on his own, which is pretty unbelievable if you think about it. I'm assuming that grenades and the like either hadn't been invented yet or weren't prominant. Pity...a couple grenades tossed into the room while Heast was viewing the corpse would have been a spiffy start to the final showdown.
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