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Weekend Wrapup

Nothing overly exciting. Saturday was the Ticket to Ride Tourney at the boardgame meetup. I ended up giving it a whirl and it didn't plan out nearly as well as I had hoped. I ended up getting into the finals game as the wild card and then had everything fall apart as I failed to make my routes. Bill S. ended up taking 1st place and in addition to a little framed certificate Lori had made up, he also gets a game to be determined.

Partway through the finals game, Kath called Bill from the Panera wondering where everyone was. She had apparently screwed up on her Knowledge: (Calender) check and had thought that it was Panera game day and then DnD on Sunday. After arriving at the meetup and being disabused of that notion, she became quite pissy. By the end of the meetup, she snapped at me as we were getting ready to leave saying something to the effect that I had been pissing her off all day. That's the second time now she's sort of taken out her bullshit problems by snapping at me and I'm starting to get sick and tired of it. It's not my fault she couldn't read the fucking calender, a skill that everyone else in the group seems to have mastered. Since she just had to have a game I ended up calling around that night to the other players to see who else could make it, but it fell through.

Frankly, I wanted nothing more than to go home after the meetup, but Arthur's birthday party was that night and after everyone had hyped it as a freak show the past couple of years, I figured I would tag along and make an early exit. I'm sorry to say that there were no interesting annecdotes. No slap fights. No drama. Notta. Arthur had rented out a fire house and the entire evening was very nicely catered. Since there was a buncha liquor bottles lined up, I figured that I would take the oppertunity to try a few different things and see how it went.

The first bottle I picked because the liquid was a pretty bright blue color, Bombay Sapphire gin. I had never tried gin before and ended up pouring around half a mouthful into a cup and gulped it down as I was heading back to the table. HOLY SHIT. It's like the entire world went white for a moment as I felt my sinuses explode. I picked the blue stuff because I figured anything that looked like blueberry fruitpunch might actually taste spiffy. I don't think I have ever consumed anything so incredibly, freaking noxious as gin in my entire life. I'm told that the Bombay Sapphire is the 'good stuff' too. God only knows what bathtub gin tastes like, and I hope I never find out.
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