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Needle in your eye

I thought I'd share something I stumbled across a while ago that boggles my mind.

What you are looking at there is the sharpest man-made thing in existance, or as the caption put it:

A field ion microscope (FIM) image of a very sharp tungsten needle. The small round features are individual atoms. The lighter colored elongated features are traces captured as atoms moved during the imaging process (approximately 1 second).

Is that freaky or what? I had no clue that imaging had finally advanced to a point they could get atomic resolution. Don't even get me started about the red-blurry atom moving because that still gives me the heebie-jeebies for some reason.

This picture also made me think of the time I flipped through a shadowrun handbook and saw a weapon listing for the mono-filament whip, supposedly a whip exactly one molecule wide. I'm more certain than ever that is not a weapon you want to fumble with.
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