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Next on 60 minutes....

Well, the Duke Lacrosse case has slowed down when it comes to news. There aren't many new developments and we end up churning the same mess over and over. To most people, the case seems to be about as weak as it can possibly get but Nifong seems hellbent on persuing it. At first I thought he was just idealistic and stupid. Then I figured he was just stubborn, determined to push through no matter what because he had staked his reputation on the case. Recently however a few people have pushed forward the idea that he has to go to trial in the case simply to cover his own ass from a civil case. If it never reaches trial, he'd be vulnerable to a malicious prosecution charge. As long as it goes to trial and a jury rules the defendents to be not guilty, he can fall back on the argument that our system of justice ran its course.

This sunday, 60 minutes will be broadcasting interviews with all three of the defendents and Kim Roberts, the second stripper, to boot. Already the net is abuzz about the program and the revelation that there will be a bombshell of sorts. It's already been leaked that Roberts will deny on the air the accounts the accuser described, claiming that they are a fabrication. Also, she apparently states that the accuser was uninjured after leaving the party. That would be a pretty amazing one-two punch to Nifong's head, though none of that information is exactly new. Those of us following the case have known both facts for months now, but this might be the first time it's presented to the american public at large.

All that's left to ponder is how much longer can the NYT hold to its biased crap, masquerading as reporting. A couple more articles analyzing the NYT's perfidy have come out lately and the 60 minutes interviews will no doubt necessitate a response from them eventually. The question is whether they'll keep digging at the hole they're in or try to backtrack.
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