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Sell direct and cut out the middleman

As much as we often focus on large and successful corporate websites, it's interesting to think about how teh internets has allowed people to go out there and make their own presentation to the world. I guess blogs as a whole rank up there with the whole 'one "man" and a dream' idea, but I was just listening to NPR and heard a story about someone who has tried the equivalent of direct marketing dating.

The website is called Settle for Brian and basically consists of a guy trying to find himself a girlfriend/wife. I seem to recall another site like this a year or two ago where someone was searching for a wife in much the same way except in that case his friends had started the site and were sifting through the responses. In this case, Brian lists his pros and cons on the site and is surprisingly normal seeming. This latter part is surprising given that he claims he was turned down by eHarmony as a member a few years ago. You always assume that those sort of dating websites will accept anyone short of 'killing women and wearing their skins' being entered under Interests on the application.

According to the click counter at the bottom of the site, around 100k people have visited and I imagine that even sasquach could get a nibble or two. I guess this means if any of you reading this think that Brian is the one for you, it's probaly time to act fast, ladies.
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