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The 'Fong gets smacked and my first poll

60 minutes handed Mike Nifong his ass in a sling last night. I had meant to post about the outcome right after seeing the show but it ended up slipping my mind. Today, all you can do is look around at the fallout of the report and think with a smug sense of satisfaction that it's about frakking time that this information was more widely distributed. Almost none of the report was actually new, but the information had received very little public exposure. It was mainly the domain of a few of us diehards who have followed the case and argued about it from the start.

As a summary, Kim Roberts, the 2nd stripper, basically refuted just about every part of the accuser's story. Of course, since the accuser contradicts her own story depending on which version of her statement you believe, this might not seem like a smoking gun. It does seem clear, however, that Roberts won't be backing up the rape allegation with her eyewitness account. She claims to have not seen any attack and has said that the duration when the accuser was out of her sight was only 5-10 minutes. Given the accuser has claimed a anal, oral, and vaginal assault ending in just seems that a 10 minute attack would set a landspeed record. I know that she's accusing college jocks, but I just can't see even them being able to all get off in three different orifices within a 10 minute window after adding in the struggle. Heck, maybe we can get a pornographer to do a 'crime reenactment' for the prosecution.

'And then you can see, by going with the reverse cowgirl double penetration happy ending, the attack could have taken as little as 9 minutes and 47 seconds.'

Anyway, if you're interested, the transcript for the 60 minutes report is here. Heck, even if you're not interested you should take a look or find one of the video clips of the story online because you get to see Ed Bradley absolutely destroy Mike Nifong. If Mikey manages to keep his job and his license to practice law after all of this, it'll only be because the people of Durham are gibbering morons.

Poll #846152 The Duke Lacrosse Rape Case

Do you believe that the three Duke lacrosse players charged are guilty of rape?


If 'No', do you believe that the accuser was sexually assaulted by some other Duke Lacrosse player?


If you answered 'Yes' to either of the two previous questions, do you also believe in any of the following?

The tooth fairy
Aliens built the pyramids
The lost city of Atlantis
Healing through the power of crystals
Democrats can actually win the White House
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