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Well, Ubercon has ended and I'm feeling pretty charred and toasty. I'm officially sick to death of cons, running demos, and people in general at the moment. This tends to be a seasonal sort of thing and is pretty much right on schedule. It's always chaos starting from the end of June until now with con season and burnout is sort of inevitable. What I really need is just a long break from having to run games. If my plane ticket were fully refundable, I'd probaly flip SoCal the bird right about now.

All of that being said, the demos at Ubercon were more than passingly successful. Every game with the exception of one was completely full for the run. Most were so full that I ended up simply teaching instead of playing. For instance, there ended up being 4 tables worth of Killer Bunnies players during the con, and it probaly would have garnered even more participants if there were other slots avaliable. Other than the games I ran, the only things I got involved in was a game of Illuminati and Are You a Werewolf. The latter has become a keystone in Ubercon tradition and this time around it seemed more like something you had to do rather than one you wanted to.

On the plus side, I ditched out of Ubercon saturday night and went to the Nightmare Before Christmas CCG tourney at Little Shop of Comics and then went to see the 3D movie. I placed third in the former and the latter was absolutely fantastic. It's been at least a decade since I've last seen a 3D movie and the technological improvements are staggering. The film looked stunning as 3D. At first, I was slightly worried that motion sickness might be an issue, but I held up without problems. I strongly recommend catching the show if it's avaliable in your area. I ended up singing along with the entire thing and that's always entertaining. Part of me hopes that there might be a resurrgence of interest in and popularity of NBC due to the re-release. Perhaps even enough of a groundswell that the CCG is resurrected. Snowball's chance in hell most likely.
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