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Cell phone's busted again. I sent it off to the national repair center a while back to get the antenna fixed and they ended up breaking something else so that it won't even turn on anymore. They told me to go to one of the local service centers and when I finally tracked down one of those, it turns out they only fix antennas. Christ on a pogo stick. So it's another 4 dollars for shipping and the cell phone's off again. It won't be ready till I get back to chicago which really screws me over a bit. It's the only place I have the numbers of friends here in jersey so I have no way of getting in touch with anyone while I'm here. I can only hope that some of them take the initiative and try to get in touch with me. Bleh.

On a positive note, I got out to the mall today with my sister and grandmother. We wandered around after having lunch at a local diner. It's amazing the sheer amount of crap out there. I wish I had brought my digital camera with me. My favorite were the neon LED flashing framed picture of Jesus that would morph into the virgin mary and then back again based on which direction you viewed it from. How's that for the ultimate christmas present. I might have to go back to the mall just to take a picture of it, though I'm certain no picture could do it justice.

All I ended picking up were 3 packages of Gertrude Hawk chocolate (their smidgeon whozits, caramel, milk chocolate, and mint) and something spiffy at the disney store. A holiday tigger and a holiday eeyore. If brian actually gets in touch with me at some point his step daughter will get one of them and I think melissa will get the other when I get back to chicago. I'm thinking about venturing forth to best buy and maybe walmart tommorrow. I desperately need to pick up some 24x30 picture frames for a couple prints that should be awaiting me when I get back to chicago. There's no way in heck I'm going to take it to a place for custom framing basd on the price ranges I've heard. They were selling frames for $30 at the prints plus store in the mall but I'm hoping I can find a better deal elsewhere tommorrow.

Welp, off to make my bladder gladder.

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